Luxury Market : Paid-Media Campaign Setup ($2250.00)


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This campaign setup includes:

  • Positioning Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Targeting Strategy
  • Paid-Media Campaign setup on Meta (FB+IG) : 3 Ad-Sets
  • Coaching & Guidance on who you need to be to convert HNWI’s
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Paid-Media Campaign Setup + Online-Support to target the Luxury Market

Reach UHNWI's on Social Media

Targeting the luxury market and high net worth individuals on social media is completely possible. This you do by making use of in-depth targeting methods and through understanding where these people live, what their preferences are, and what their behaviors are.

In addition the ad-content needs to be top-notch to ensure that it attracts their attention and talks to their needs. And finally, as an agent, it is very important that you operate at a level which mirrors this market-segment, and that you handle all your life matters impeccably.

High net worth individuals are very active on social media. They can be reached using a top-notch paid-media campaign, and the connection will occur by making sure that you align to their energies.

  • Paid-Media Campaign setup
  • 30 Days management
  • One online session per week
  • Weekly reporting
  • Pay your advertising costs directly to Meta


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